How Stock Leather Market Reduce the Pollution

We believe that a better world comes from the idea of ​​people to treat it with due respect, therefore in addition to renewable sources and recycling, which gives us the possibility of recovering paper, plastic, organic waste, etc., another way to improve the planet is to introduce as little material as possible into the environment.

In our case we collect LEATHER PIECES, also called waste or scraps, and WHOLE LEATHER in leftover.

LEATHER PIECES, are the scraps that are created once a model is cut on a leather, these are precisely pieces of leather that “fall” from the cut. They are therefore parts of the skin that are unnecessary at that particular moment. These pieces would normally be thrown into special containers for disposal, most would end up in the incinerator and a small part would be ground and agglomerated to produce a recovery fabric called “salpa”, a fabric used mainly to reinforce the walls of bags or to create “The soul” of the auction of classic belts.

WE, INSTEAD, buy these scraps and select them on the basis of color and size and package them. In this way they can be reused to produce again shoes, bags, sandals, key rings, small leather goods in general and even belts. We even give a new life to leather that at first glance would only seem to have to end up in the waste.

The WHOLE LEATHER usually derives from the inventories created by an excessive purchase of raw material, by producers, for the processing of a specific good such as shoes, bags or other. and we put it back on the market at a lower price than what was bought in the tannery. With all the advantages of having a leather that has never been used and therefore like new at a stock price.